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Your story can make a difference.

Catholic Charities often works to educate donors, volunteers, legislators, policymakers, and journalists about the challenges that people face in their daily lives. Hearing from individuals and families who have received help, volunteered, or donated, is an important part of how Catholic Charities spreads the word about the need for services in our community and the impact of our work.

Your story can educate others and inspire them to get involved.

Tell us your story below. How has Catholic Charities affected your life?

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What Happens Next

After you submit your story here, Catholic Charities staff will review it carefully. Your story does not have to be written perfectly. Your name and your story will not be shared with anyone without your explicit consent in advance.

We might contact you with some follow up questions. You are not obligated to provide any information you are not comfortable with and all details will remain completely anonymous unless you decide to release them. We won’t provide your name or contact information to any outside organization without your permission. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

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