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Catholic Charities Counseling Services provides individual, marital, family, child and adolescent counseling. For those participants who desire a Catholic approach to counseling we provide counseling from a Catholic perspective.

Counseling staff are Licensed Therapists and Registered Interns. Our program is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).

Counseling services are available to all regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliation, gender, race, age, or sexual orientation.


To empower individuals, couples and/or families struggling with
emotional or relationship stresses to move safely and efficiently
to a better place in their lives.

Individual Counseling
Navigating life’s challenges can at times become overwhelming. When we struggle and find ourselves stuck in life because of depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, family experiences, relationships, grief, personal- growth, self-image, substance abuse, or any other issue it may
be time to seek professional counseling to learn alternative ways of moving forward.

Marriage Counseling
All marriages experience conflict, tension and poor communication. Common problems include: managing money, disciplining children, life transitions, retirement, substance abuse or “empty nest” syndrome.
Marriage Counseling teaches couples communication and relationship skills to deepen intimacy and resolve conflicts in a healthy way.

Family Counseling
Family Counseling assists two or more members of a family and may be appropriate in situations of loss, trauma, divorce, or if one relative has a problem that impacts everyone in the family. Participants learn how to solve problems together, resolve conflict, and how to appropriately express thoughts and emotions.

Child and Adolescent Counseling
Children and adolescents often experience problems with parents, peers, teachers, and the natural pressures of growing up and fitting in.  At times they have difficulty “growing out of it” and their response to the pressures of life may require attention from a professional.  Child and adolescent counseling helps parents to create interventions so parents and children can learn how to respond appropriately to challenges which they encounter.

Catholic Counseling
For those participants who desire a Catholic approach, we provide counseling from a Catholic perspective, which means that we acknowledge the existence of God, we follow the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and we encourage an active prayer life and the reception of the sacraments.


Our Licensed Therapists and Registered Interns are dedicated and trained professionals who are passionate about bringing healing and reconciliation to your emotional and/or relationship stresses.  They consider it a privilege to be invited into your life and entrusted to provide professional counseling services.

Counseling services are anonymous and discrete. With few exceptions, both the law and counseling ethics require services to be strictly confidential.


We do not accept third party insurance.

Our services are available and affordable for the greatest number of people. Each sesion is just $20.00.

We accept: VISA, Master Card, or checks.


Catholic Charities Counseling Services is located at:
1503 NE 26th Street
Wilton Manors, FL 33305

For a telephone consultation or to make an appointment please call: 954 332-7070

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