Monroe County Deanery

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  •  November 17, 2014
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On Thursday 11/13/14 Patrice Schwermer our Outreach Coordinator and I met in Marathon with the priest from Monroe County to report on the listening sessions conducted by Catholic Charities in each parish over the last month.

The purpose of these sessions was to develop a blueprint which would identify the immediate needs of the people in the keys and to begin to look at the root causes of poverty, immigration and homelessness.

Among the five parishes the following commonalities were identified:

1. Immigration/legal issues for Hispanics and Haitians, as well as others.

2. Poverty/economic insecurity and its manifestation are prevalent in areas such as hunger.

3. Low wage jobs coupled with high cost of living.

Action Steps:

1. Work with Catholic Legal Services to see if they can provide staff. Additionally, develop a legal referral data base for pro-bono and reduced fee services.

2. Establish a designated Legal Services Fund for Monroe County. Fr. Rivera has a donor who will seed the Fund with $3,000.00 and Catholic Charities will match this amount.

3. Continue to assess the gaps not being meet by the parishes and Star of the Sea Food pantry and work on more community collaboration to address the issue of food insecurity.

4. Begin to raise Catholic awareness in the areas of low wages and high cost of living by providing parish based training in Catholic Social Teaching.

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